The first time hitting the double digits is a huge milestone. This year marks 10 years since Hedenstugan B&B Hotel opened its doors! During these years the house has gone from being an epidemic hospital to an association hall to become a peaceful and tasteful accommodation in Bergby with access to hot tub, sauna and barbecue cottage, fun activities, along with good food in a relaxing environment. The building has been restored to its original splendor, where unique and time-typical historical details have been preserved on the outside.

“I have had the privilege to be involved from the start and it is still just as exciting to both manage and develop Hedenstugan B&B Hotel in a sustainable way, 10 years of Hedenstugan B&B Hotel feels absolutely amazing” Stef van Heteren, CEO and Owner

The hotel has been run during these 10 years to give guests a total experience in our small country hotel with the surrounding landscape. Our concept builds further on 160 years old traditions of the soothing nature nearby, with fresh air in the woods and proximity to the sea.

Our unique location on Heden was already appreciated in the late 1800s and therefore we also want to highlight and share our history which we are proud to carry on. Of course, there is much more to tell about 10 years Hedenstugan B&B Hotel. Just think of all the memories our guests have collected over the years.

Much has happened, but one thing we know for sure. The sand still gets swept out to sea and comes back in with the waves. The wind rustles in the tree crowns. The leaves wither and come back spring after spring. The sun rises inwards and sets in the horizon of the sea, in silence and in storm.

We are convinced that Hedenstugan B&B Hotel will be able to offer many more years of good food, entertainment, history and experiences. We look forward to continuing to unite guests with our history and to continue to operate our hotel in a sustainable way.

Warmly welcome to stay in our small country hotel and celebrate hitting the double digits with us, and take part of our ancient place and history.