where the forest meets the sea

Bike package

Where the forest meets the sea

Along the Jungfrukusten in Gästrikland there are many beautiful places to visit in an environment characterized by forest, sea and a varied cultural landscape. The starting point for this bike package is Hedenstugan B&B Hotel located in a forest area with fresh air and soothing silence. The cycling takes you out towards the archipelago of the outermost coastline. You pass old fishing villages and species-rich nature reserves where the pine forest has reached a respectable age. There are many places where you can stop and enjoy nature and beautiful views.

What’s included:

  • Two nights i a twin room at Hedenstugan B&B Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Directions with tips on wonderful bike rides


  • Optional. Bike rental
  • Optional: Acces to Sauna or Hottub (must be pre-booked)
  • Optional: Extra night(s)

More information:

In the scenic northeast corner of Gästrikland, Hamrånge offers an interesting historical environment to get to know in depth. Hedenstugan B&B Hotell is located in a forest area with a nature reserve, but the sea is not far away. The hotel is individually designed and has its own restaurant and bar. All rooms have a private bathroom with shower, toilet and wifi. In the summer months, the area around Hedenstugan is a summer paradise with a sandy beach at Totrabadet and a sea bath at Norrsundet. The rest of the year, the pristine stone coast invites you to calm reflection. All the color shifts in the forest are a work of art in themselves. Along the Jungfrukusten you can visit genuine fishing environments with a unique history.

From Margareta and Yngve Terenius’ essay in ethnology at Uppsala University 1976: “We took the winding forest road to Gåsholma. We found a small fishing village with cottages, boathouses and lodges on both the mainland and islands, which were connected by bridges like a small Venice in miniature. Outside, the vast, wide, open sea spread out. We saw, were captivated and stayed ”

Tip! If you have your own bike, you can arrive early, park for free in the hotel car park and go on a full day trip. The hotel is ready for check-in from 16:00. If you want to rent a bicycle, pick it up at check-in. Have dinner at the hotel or book a table at the cozy Bergmans Fisk.

The Virgin Coast consists of a stretch of coast in Gävleborg County that stretches from Ragvaldsnäs in northern Hälsingland to Furuvik in southern Gästrikland. Along the coast there is a magnificent archipelago, which is divided into a number of islands, islets, skerries and bays. Many of today’s fishing villages along the Jungfrukusten were built during the 16th and 17th centuries as so-called Gävlebohamnar. Fishermen from Gävle had the exclusive right to all herring fishing along the northern coast at that time. The fishing villages formed their own small communities and often had a chapel for worship services.

An evening trip out to Norrsundet

When you arrive at Hedenstugan B&B Hotell in the afternoon and have checked in, you can take a short bike ride in the neighborhood. We suggest that you cycle east towards the scenic surroundings around Norrsundet. Down on the headland by Saltharsfjärden you will find Bergmans Fisk, an excellent fish restaurant where you can choose to have dinner. The restaurant is located right next to the water with a wonderful sea view (note we recommend you book a table in advance). You can also have a beer at Hedenstugan B&B Hotell when you come home to make the evening.

You spend the night in a nice room with a personal touch at Hedenstugan B&B Hotel. Enjoy the silence and the fresh air.

Accommodation: Hedenstugan B&B Hotel, Bergby
Cycling: about 6 km

Expedition through the forest towards the sea

Start the day with a hearty breakfast at the hotel. Now a cycling day awaits with varied scenery and historical environments. Start by cycling to the nature reserve Hådell’s old forest. Here you can go into the special Lössenkojan which is a copy of an old forest hut that was used by old-time forest workers. Continue in a northeasterly direction towards the sea coast and the small fishing village Gåsholma. There is a charming summer café and lots of beautiful views. Just south of Gåsholma is the nature reserve Skämningsön which is located on a peninsula. Here, large cobblestone fields extend to the north and there is a barbecue area with windbreak. On the way back, a visit to the ancient fishing village of Axmarby is recommended. There are many indications that the place has been inhabited since Viking times.

Cycle back to Hedenstugan where you can recuperate in the room for a while, shower and change before the evening. If you want, you choose for a two-course dinner. Maybe you end the evening with a glass of wine or a beer at the bar. You have many sensory impressions to dream about during the night.

Accommodation: Hedenstugan B&B Hotel, Bergby
Meals: Breakfast
Cycling: about 33 km

One last turn in the area and return home

After another good night’s sleep and the pleasant feeling of cycling in your body, you eat breakfast at Hedenstugan. There is time for a little turn in the surroundings if you feel like it. Otherwise, it’s time to check out and go home with many nice bike memories from the forest and sea in northeastern Gästrikland.

Meals: Breakfast